Secretariat EAMS

Secretariat of the Eurasian Academy of Mining Sciences

#Full nameStatus in the SecretariatAcademic degree, academic title, position, contacts
1Titova Asya VladimirovnaAcademic Secretary of the SACDoctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Chief Scientific Secretary-Vice-President of the Academy of Mining Sciences of Russia.
2Mukushev Aiym SabirovnaChief Scientific Secretary of the EAMSCandidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Corresponding Member of the NAS, Chief Scientific Secretary of the NAS of Kazakhstan
Sergey Olegovich
Scientific Secretary of the EAMS (Belarus)Candidate geol-miner.Director of the International Center for New Materials and Innovative Technologies of the Belarusian Technical University
Atabek Takhyrovich
Scientific Secretary of the EAMS (Kyrgyzstan)Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, 1st Vice-Rector of Jalal Abad State University
Alexander Andreevich
Scientific Secretary of the EAMS (Russia)Candidate of Technical Sciences; St. nauchn. sotr. Institute of Problems of Integrated Development of Mineral Resources named after Academician N. V. Melnikov of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Galiya Eleubaevna
Scientific Secretary of the EAMS (Uzbekistan)Candidate of Technical Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of the Almalyk branch of NUST "MISIS"


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